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The 2021 Pepsi Plaza

Shows Run Fair Wednesday through Sunday Beginning Daily around Noon

The Flying Cortes Trapeze Spectacular

Dreams CAN come true and people CAN fly!


Wed, Thur, Sun | 2:30 • 5:30
Fri, Sat | 11:45 • 2:30 • 5:30

Join us in welcoming The Flying Cortes as they ascend to the highest reaches of the Big Top and soar through the air in one of the most awe-inspiring acts in the circus world!

The troupe consists of Robinson and Alex Cortes, fourth-generation performers with roots in Colombia. They came to the United States with their parents in 1977 and each has enjoyed the circus spotlight since childhood in various troupes from families including the Wallendas, the Gaonas and the Poemas.

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Tumbleweed Crossing

An award winning comedy wild west gunfight stunt show.


Wed, Thur, Sun | 11:00 • 1:00 • 4:00
Fri, Sat | 10:15 • 1:00 • 4:00

Bringing the laughter and excitement of our major amusement park shows to the Great Jones County Fair is "Tumbleweed Crossing", an Award Winning COMEDY WILD WEST GUNFIGHT STUNT SHOW complete with a traveling, authentic, WILD WEST TOWN set! Tumbleweed Crossing will take you on a ZANY trip back to the WILD WEST where laughs fly like bullets and hilarity is the law of the land!

Shows are audience interactive, family friendly, crowd pleasing COMEDIES for young and old alike. This is the Number 1 Comedy Gunfight Show since 1978

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Tumbleweed Crossing Wild West Show #1 Tumbleweed Crossing Wild West Show #2 Tumbleweed Crossing Wild West Show #3 Tumbleweed Crossing Wild West Show #4

Max Power & Nitro


Wed, Thur, Sun | 11:45 • 1:45 • 4:45
Fri, Sat | 11:00 • 1:45 • 4:55
Also can be found roaming the grounds daily.

Max Power is a walking, talking, mobile dance party that will enhance any midway/fair experience! Max is accompanied by his custom built monster truck named NITRO that allows him to stroll through the fairgrounds in grand fashion.

Photos and social media activations are Max's main draw. Having this 9' tall robot walking through the fairgrounds or driving through your fair parade will keep heads turning and cameras flashing!

Max’s ability to draw a great crowd and keep guests entertained with personal interaction, silly jokes, crazy photo poses and impromtu dance parties, make this strolling act a great addition to any event!​

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Marc Dobson - The One Man Band

The most popular one man band in the world!

Showtimes: Wed - Sun | 12:30 • 3:15 • 6:15

• Marc uses planned and improv comedy bits.

• He seriously plays 9.1 instruments of vocal, guitar with subharmonics, harmonica and a backpack drum kit consisting of Bass Drum, Snare, Hi-Hats, Crash & Splash Cymbals, and Hi-Hat Tambourine.

• His repertoire works with every age utilizing interactive sing-a-long bits.

• Using a motorized, self-powered wagon with 2,000 watts of sound allows great mobility through events and even communities.

Picture the opening of Mary Poppins with Dick Van Dyke as a One Man Band, except playing Classic Rock, Country and Pop songs most people know and love. Marc creates a “musical illusion” playing 9.1 instruments all attached to his body at once. All performances and videos are completely live, mistakes included. Marc is one of a few manually controlled, real One Man Band’s who can trick an ear into hearing a band performance from a solo musician.

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